Please send us information regarding other vamplers as we start this listing.
we are particularly interested in finding out about projects moving towards a potentially "popular" form of live cinema !

Projexorcism - If vampling had its equivalent in 16mm, this might be how it would look, and Ed is working video into his sets. This insanely explosive performance involves running four dangling 16mm projectors as the sound and celluloid are tweaked till all hell breaks loose. (Pic shows Projexorcism with his rack at Eyedrum in Atlanta.


Mike is based in San Francisco, he delivers "mash-ups with video images" (integrating turntabling vinyl & dvd's)-real crowd pleasers, geared for concert settings, worth checking out... "Relm recently wrapped up his arena tour [...] His other credits include performances for a San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A’s baseball game and the closing ceremonies of the Pan Am Games in Rio de Janeiro... scored a short film for the Disney Channel series “Too Many Robots,” and created a four-song mega mix for “Yo Gabba Gabba” (Nickelodeon). Relm also stars in an international TV spot for HSBC."


His raw beat-free flow work makes for someone to keep an ear and an eye out for. Works largely in collab with dj's, somewhere between vampler and vj- great textures and sense of a-rythm, employs a wild range of sampled materials, "Anotha hista frameshit"(?) sampling the eternally relevant image training from Clockwork Orange "Thanks to the graphics of his Atari 1040 he had at 6 years old, he kind of became obsessed with pixels, bitmaps, addicted to lo-fi and noisy frames. He started then to make his own musical experiments with his guitar, softwares like Rebirth and Fruity Loops".