members: Jonathan More, Matt Black

"A pair of DJs who seem to believe that the whole world is there to be cut and pasted."


Coldcut are dj's who have brought the visual element in, "to promote their work live". Founding members Jonathan More and Matt Black created the label Ninjatune (London) which has been supportive and nurturing towards the vampling movement. They have also been fundamental in advancing software for the art. Their early software creation "vjamm", is now on display at the Interactive Games Room of The American Museum of Moving Image.

Coldcut's Timber project, one of the most "engagé" and collaborative of their work to date was an touring show aimed to generate awareness of the devastating consequences of industrial timbering. The politics are right on, though some criticized the hard repetitive rhythms as too closely reflecting the object of their critique, heavy industry. To be sure their "corporate, ecological, anti-authoritarian vision found its technical expression in the group's continuing interest in interactivity with their audience."(Coldcut).

One of their most astounding projects, a model for audio visual sharing, was "" which provided over 12gigabytes of downloadable sound and image of the last 40 years of US politics prior to the 2004 US elections. The only drawback being that this was to be used "to create a cut-up over a Coldcut beat". " The result was Coldcut v. TV Sheriff, "World Of Evil," widely acclaimed and somehow regularly shown on MTV."