members : TV Sheriff (Dave Foss a.k.a. Davy Force) and The Trailbuddies

Foss has been carousing his way along to comandeering the Sheriff badge in video and the digital realm since the late 80's. Working in Los Angeles, he seems to have transformed into a walking antenna. Foss has the background of doing CGI work and directing commercial animations for in the technical hoop-jumping and deft sampling.

In a psychotic live mind-meld : TV Sheriff and the Trailbuddies, (AKA Videoape and Prospector Channel 49er) and various incarnations yet to reveal themselves, combine live matte-work (blue/green screen, VJing/video sampling and stage antics with costumes. The Sheriff has been meting out some harsh audio-visual penalties on politicians and pop-icons alike. While underling his debt to Negativland's pioneering, the Sheriff's performances wind up being far less chin scratchers than belly ache-rs. The comedic element of the performances at times seems to takes the wind out of the critical aspect.

Much of the sampling work it can be presumed has been done beforehand. It is high paced and on cue to the frame so the trailblazing is really all in the live show and big blue sky screens for this posse. Lasso-ing errant images and spitting their chaw into the troughs of mass culture, may they keep on taking matters into their own hands, keep that wagon rolling!

"They make an anti-mind-control performance that is something like if you put a Skratch Picklz DJ, a live TV show, a rowdy band, and a TiVo full of late-night infomercials, westerns, and network news into a giant blender."


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