Member: Jeroen Hofs

Musician, programmer, vampler; in short, a synaesthetic renaissance man in the world of sound and image. He is based in Amsterdam and has been working on vampling / DVJ technology since the hardware was capable of handling it.

Eboman's incredibly forward-looking work, both in research and in practice, is advancing various means of creating "audiovisual compositions" by way of "real time" capture/resample or with pre-prepared/found footage- (demo here) all the while taking into account different interactive parameters and spacial possibilities (surround, 3d surface...). He has developed a tactile sensoral trigger response system, the "SenSorSuit" (see also the work of Tanaka Atau). Some of his tech projects can be found at (for which he is the main man).

His work is playful and makes it look easy! He began his vampling compositions with sound and moved gradually into video. There is a significant amount of work he has completed over an insanely busy decade or so. Much of his work comes beat-ready yet the vampling element is ever-present and could be called the vital active ingredient in his work. Resampling words, human made sounds, has been also one of his running themes (see his clip with Chris Cunningham from 1996!- it's pür(?) but not live)...


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